Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Photo Credit: Welt-altas.de (http://www.welt-atlas.de/map_of_spratly_islands_6-846)
This thing is really annoying, again for nth time China is bullying us in front of international communities.

Maybe it is high time to rename South China Sea to South Asians Sea. I guess having the word "China" in its name is actually misinterpreted the sea by narrow minded bully China as their own. Just imagine the phrase "to include waters approaching Southeast Asian countries? huh!" I don't know exactly what does it really mean, but it sounds crazy to me.

Do they have proof that those fishes living in that sea speak their language;
fishes don’t even have narrow eyes like them, how could they say they own the

Kidding aside, let's face it, we cannot face the Chinese military might, maybe not today or in few generations to come. If we do so certainly there will be more damages to us with just a smaller scale of military efforts by the Chinese if we fight them. Because for sure the war will be on our land, think about that.

However, we can still have a fight on a different arena where we can stand firm against their undiplomatic gestures. This is by boycotting totally their products, limit if not totally scrapping out our exports to China (if we have), stricter rules on Chinese tourists, and all their investments in our country should pass through needle hole or rather ban them from investing, without violating any treaty. If our government cannot do it without violating existing treaties then we must do it ourselves, with our own individual capacity, of course some may disagree, but sooner or later if this move has become a lifestyle and has become a trend in our culture wherein using Chinese products will outcasts one from being "in".
Of course we have to be prepared for its (boycotting) great impacts to our economy in the beginning, but that's fine we can still cope up without China in our system, possibly in no time. Who likes Chinese products anyway? They only bring rubbish and imitated products, and all these tonnage of illegal drugs into our country.

Although this move will bring no damage to them BUT at least we have shown our strong and unified reactions to them, it is maybe a foolish idea but it is better than to dream on fighting them in war with the US. And of course, even we have this move; we will still continue to claim what is obviously belongs to us based on existing international laws.

China has become an international bully and a spoiled brat because of what they potentially have in their arsenal…”sleeping giant as we all know”. But, who usually kills the giant anyway, not by another giant, but by smart and determine lowly warrior and most of the time killed by extraordinary means...weapons that thought out of the box!

Otherwise, if we will let the UN decides on this issue, where China sits as one of the members of UN Security Council with verto power, we will be their bitch forever. This is better than us exchanging different opinions over the issue and worst we are fighting among ourselves on different views.
The Chinese's claim has no legal basis recognized by international law or any treaty for that matter that will support their claim that all the waters belong to them. Their claim it is supported by nothing but their big threat of violence over the other claimant-nations.

Imagine, they made flybys over our military ships and blocking our military ship with civilian surveillance vessels, what does it mean? Can we do that to them?
It should start from us...individually...today!

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