Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I got the job in Afghanistan

Finally, I am here in Afghanistan.

Well, I am really excited but definitely this not my dream space int the world.
I like the weather, the snow-capped mountain ranges...and all the beard the Afhgan guys have!

I supposed to be here back in 2007.. damn! that was terrible when the Arroyo Government banned the Filipinos to come over here for work. KBR now is just a failed dream to me... I could not go back to my work in Camp Taji, Iraq...a happy place for Astig Pinoys.

I ended up working in Saudi Arabia for a year..small salary and small respect for ingenuity of works. I am referring to the company I work with specifically, where they like much the Nepalis (who landed there with a little bit short of brain of that a Filipino toddler), than us Filipinos...I maybe rude.. but really..i hate that f---king company.

All I am wishing for today is that no incoming, no ambush, no sniping for now....I wish they would give a short notice before Bin Laden's yahoo group members would do that.

All my American bosses are really cool and very professional (unlike in Saudi of course), 'though they have all motherf--kers, f--k and that sh!ts in between every sentences...they are really nice to every nationality. They used to be my bosses back in Iraq days. Maybe they missed me more than that of my skills . . . .and they thought of hiring me huh...

In Saudi, we do our laundries, cooking and we always craved to have an internet access in the office.. (damn! that company has never been introduced to Microsoft Outlook)...what's the big deal about internet, anyway?

In my company in KSA, damn..everything seemed to be backwards...the production had to produce first and then they would ask me to make the f--kin' design out of it...that Egyptian production engineer, i don't know where in the world he got his degree.. he never read and follow a design..worse he never knew how to read one.....

Here in Kabul..everthing sits right under your nose..foods are good..I've never touched a laundry soap...they know we are not abusive internet users...works here are systematic and well-thought of.

The best part? the R & R every six months...of course the salary. ..oooh! i love the salary ! R & R is rest and recreation just in case you guys don't know....And the snow.... I've never seen snows falling right over my head..

Confused about how I got here?..none of your business..send me private email and I will tell you how...by legal means, though.

'am gonna post some pictures soon... I just need to smile infront of the flashes...i just wish the flash is not from AK-47 huh!

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