Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So what's next?

President-elect Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III and Vice President-elect Jejomar Binay were finally and officially proclaimed to be the next leaders of the nation last Wednesday June 8, 2010, after excruciating speeches from some members of the Congress and now we can say in the next few days will be the moment of truth for the Filipinos. And again just like the previous transitions of administrations, Filipinos have been used to the "wait and see" attitude. They will wait until the new administration fails and then will start criticizing and create an atmosphere that we have made the wrong choice or the Filipinos had been deceived. Which is why we also get used to have a critical start up for new administration every time the new one assumes the post.

We should change this attitude-Right NOW!

We spent enormous efforts during the recent campaign in order to put the two gentlemen in Malacañang, we should not waste these efforts just like the million-peso campaign materials that were rendered useless after the election. Noynoy's and Binay's failure will be the failure of the whole new government and the Filipino nation, so as I said that fact that we voted for Noynoy and Binay, it does not mean we will stop from there and leave to the new administration our personal aspirations in life.

The fight is not yet over, it has only just begun.

Our point here is the change of attitude form "wait and see" being static into a dynamic attitude. We should think and act as if we have the same aspirations as what Noynoy and Binay have in implementing our daily plans and activities and these should be geared towards the betterment of our plight, uplifting the poor living condition, and upgrading the Filipino image around the world. We should formulate solutions on some of the problems right in our immediate vicinity, and let us not wait for the long arm of the government to reach and help us if we can solve the issues ourselves. Noynoy said we need to identify clearly the problem to get specific and appropriate solution to it . Let's us all be pro-active this time. This the best time to start a new beginning in order to give new meaning to the spirit of volunteerism. If we can truly contribute an individual micro-solution and put them altogether, it is more than enough act of heroism.

After all it is us who actually bring about the "Noy-Bi administration" into existence through our volunteerism, on-line organization and revolutionized activism, which had never been tried before in the same manner and in the same magnitude and yes, it was proven effective. Thereby, we have now implied obligations to support and help them so they will not fail.

What we need is the continuity of this volunteerism attitude which rather focus in nation building and not towards the election anymore. We need to turn and shift it to social economic purposes in order to somehow help the new government that we put into power. Obviously we already have well-organized groups that are well-bonded and had worked well during the campaign in the recent election, we therefor should not put our organized groups back to the cupboard for the next national election, but rather let them join the new administration in their new patriotic causes and commitment to fight corruption, help the poor, generate more employment, improve public health, upgrade education system, reliable justice system, peace and order, and so on and so forth

Recently, I have received a short forwarded email thread from Filipino in Afghanistan (FIA) and the topic was referring to the big amount of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and its temporary effect to the Philippine economy. Rasyl Abela (I am not so sure if he belongs to FIA,) said that most of the big amounts sent to OFW families back home are spent on the daily basis for basic necessities and for personal extravagance like expensive cellphone, plasma television set, expensive cars, houses and others. I admired his thought and the point is actually based on reality. Clearly, with this style of expenditures what has been contributed by this big amount of remittances to Philippine economy is just an active local market and business movement due to strong buying power of most OFW families. Aside from that, there is nothing more.

Based on his line of thinking, I think it is high time to divert now the focus of this volunteerism and do the ambitious, unthinkable and probably most patriotic act. If those volunteer organizations abroad that helped in the election and are still set up by smart mechanism and management will contribution to generate funds and invest in the country to create more jobs , we can probably eradicate portion of a national cancer that tends to kill our progress. They can select which types of heroic acts they will engage into after thorough consultation and studies, whether they will opt to venture on strict business that will generate local employment or simply engage with different poverty eradication programs.

Take for instance the Filipino migrant workers. If the OFW-groups based all over the world could put up funds and invest into a business that requires more numbers of laborers it can help reduce local unemployment. Although this type of Bayanihan maybe already existing, we need to advocate extensively and invite other groups to do the same. As it helps the country, it will also generate extra income for every member who shared for the investment.

How noble it would it be if we can have a reversed method on labor and job-bunting system that
instead of the job-hunter will go and risk everything to get a job somewhere else, it will be the business or the opportunity itself will go to the remote provinces in order to reach those Filipinos who cannot afford to leave their places to look for a job and be displaced

Finally, maybe through this effort, we can be part and of help to what Noynoy's ultimate goal "to let the Filipinos work abroad by choice and not by force of necessities."
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