Wednesday, May 6, 2009


As I was surfing this morning (May 6, 2009), the main page showed picture of interchanging photos of teachers asking their salary grade be raised to salary grade 20. A flash of thought came across my memory, I used to receive salary grade 12, I guess, when I was still member of the PNP.
Salary Grade 20 is not that much for the school teachers considering the vast and expanse of public responsiblities their having from time to time, but congressional pork barrel is way to much. There was something in my heart that really made me feel bad, as I see this photo.
I pitty all those teachers for being ignored by the government, some of them are being ignored by their husbands and boyfriends, since most of them are female, and yet all of them are still getting exploited during elections and during public statistics and census season.
My sister is also a public school teacher, I can tell the hardship of the teachers in this generation.
I don't know how could we ever thank our teachers for making all of us what we are today. Nobody could ever be promoted to manager, military general, director, or even get elected to the presidency without school teachers.
Maybe we could generally say that nobody could be somebody without teachers, absolutely no one.
Lawyers can never pass the bar exams, nor doctors can ever wear that white robes, nor engineers can ever read plans, not even a taxi cab driver could ever drive his cab without having a school teacher once in his life.
When my grandfather was still around back in the 90's, he used to tell us that when all of us get up in heaven and line to check our names in the Book of Life, the school teachers are the ones who have the divine priority to go first being considered as the most noble professions humans could have. And they will sit next to the Lord as they have fulfilled lifetimes by educating all people on earth while still living.
Now, have you ever thought about your former teachers, from the most cruel to the most fave one? Have you ever thanked them for being strict and cruel during examinations, otherwise you can not read this.
Have your paths crossed lately? How'd she look like now? You have not recognized her until you get noticed her familiar fashion, right? Teachers have a single fashion they say, whether they are in civilian clothes or in school uniform. Tell me more about your school teachers, and I will share my own stories about them. Join me in sending thanks to our school teachers back home.
Thanks to all those teachers who braved their way into the notorious mountains of Muslim rebels to teach our poor children out there, where some of them are still witheld by the Abu Sayyaf.
Thanks to all those teachers who keep on teaching amidst fierce fire fighting of soldiers and NPAs along the countrysides.
Thanks to all those teachers who volunteered to leave the city life and walk their way to the jungle to teach the barrio people.
Thanks to all those teachers who innovate teaching materials because of limited government fundings.
Thanks to all those teachers who keep on teaching our youths so well amidst having broken hearts, failed dreams, and frustrations in life.
Thanks to all those teachers who keep on teaching our children so well, despite the aching feelings due to the reality that teaching profession receives low salary grade.
Thanks to all those teachers who set aside thinking about their monsterous debts, salary loans, emergency loans and calamity loans, and proceeded on teachings without delays.
Thanks to all those teachers who protected us from bullies and school riots.
Thanks to all those teachers who keep on teaching the children until they are 60 years old.
Thanks to all those teachers who take care of our children while we are busy working. They keep our children learn their lessons.
Thanks to all those teachers who became strong pillars of elementary and high schools, the whole basic education system in the Philippines in general.
Thanks to all those teachers who taught us about Ten Little Indians and I Have Two Hands songs.
Thanks to all those teachers who taught us about subjects and predicates.
Thanks to all those teachers who taught us how to dance during foundation days and field days.
Thanks to all those teachers who loved us more than their own children, more than their husbands and wives, and more than their lives.
Thanks to all those teachers who are now sitting in their retirement and seem to have been forgotten by their students..We will never ever forget.
Thanks to all those teachers who gave us ideals, principles and directions in life that's why we have these lives.
Thanks to all those teachers who are more than willing to join the protests but they could not because of old age, and rather chose to sit around with their small and delayed pensions.
Thanks to all those teahcers who dedicated their entire lives and happiness in exchange of school teachings.
Thanks to those teachers who gave us unselfish love and immeasureable care.
Most of all I would like to thank my very own favorite teacher of all times, my mommy, a retired public school teacher who until now a teacher to all of us, with her undying love both of a mother and a school teacher. Mommy still teaches my kids and all her grandchildren at home.
It is my honor to dedicate one entry here in my blog for the FIVE GREATEST SCHOOL TEACHERS OF ALL TIMES.
Lolo Anot, Nicanor Fetalino Formilleza, an energetic and a happy mentor for all of us grandchildren using a very comprehensive old method in teaching Mathematics, back in the old days. Through his times and efforts, most of us grandchildren are now professionals using Mathematics in most of our dealings.
My aunities:
Mrs.Tabetha Formilleza-Fradejas, a public school teacher in V. Mapa High School in Legarda, Manila;
Mrs. Lourdes Formilleza-Fradejas, a public school teacher in Bati-ano Elementary School in Odiongan, Romblon;
Mrs. Villaflor Formilleza-Dayrit, a public school teacher in Padre Burgos Elementary School in Sta. Mesa , Manila.
And of course, my mom, Mrs. Zenaida Formilleza-Fabellore used to be teaching in T. Paez High School in Manila until her retirement in 2003.
I am proud to belong to a clan who had lived to the fullest by the creed of noble teaching, and made our lives easier through the taste of white chalks and lesson plans.
THANK YOU ALL and I LOVE YOU ALL . . there's no way I can repay you but maybe by continuing your legacy of teaching even I am not a school teacher and to live a better life as you all intended for all of us children.

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Bomzz said...

Wow!.. men galing mo pag susulat.. la mo namn hanga na ako sa iyo sa mga articles nong dito ka pa.....

Sayang men.... nag bulakbol kasi ako... 2 years na lang teacher na rin sana hahaha..

nice post.....

keep blogging.. ingat jan.... baka aatake na man sila hehehhe

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